Delivering business results
Delivering business results
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The true test of design?

There are probably few robust tests of design more telling than the translation of a concept into an offering that can pass the Return on Investment (ROI) hurdle.

We recently delivered a piece of consultancy for a client in the commercial resourcing space who wanted a novel offering that filled a gap in the Managed Service space for contingent workers. There are many organisations applying many variants of this type of service but little fresh thinking in evidence; many clients of these types of services remain distinctly underwhelmed

From market analysis, assessment of client requirements, competitor analysis, key design principles, teasing out the value proposition (and hence, differentiators), proposing the brand image and messages, defining the delivery model/structure/technology, outlining the implementation plan & SLA and proposing a compelling ( and 'win-win') commercial structure, TalentAssured Ltd delivered in all these areas.

They say "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" - the client are moving ahead with all speed to bring this to market.

This type of thinking can deliver value whether it is applied to a 'Profit Centre' (commercial) situation or whether it's a 'Cost Centre' (in-house) situation.