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Delivering business results
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Consultancy and Design

There are occasions when an experienced and independent eye can cut straight through well-meaning, continuing, internal debate to get to the heart of the matter.

Most organisations employ very bright people who can find solutions to challenges....... but sometimes they're the wrong challenges; just because something can be done doesn't mean it should be done. It's easy to lose the point of what you're doing when so many daily operational distractions get in the way.

Call it 'consultancy, 'troubleshooting', 'design' or even 're-design', it saves you time and money and is more likely to deliver the outputs you're looking for.

Our recent experience with a FTSE 100 organisation illustrates the point; having let a large RPO contract to a well known brand name in the resourcing space, the initial implementation did not go smoothly - this can be the case in such deals - but the issues were compounded by trying to tackle the symptoms of the problem. We applied the necessary analysis to check all aspects of the delivery model, organisational competence, behavioural approach, operational SLA, commercial structure and technology deployment to come up with a smart plan to tackle the deficits found. Both parties were encouraged and supported in adopting this plan.

The parties are now aligned to focus on the key areas that will make this contract a success.

Whether you bring us in when you're thinking about embarking on this type of initiative, whether you have a project that's run into intractable problems or whether you're considering some form of change we can help you work out what really needs to be done to underpin success.