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Delivering business results
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Talent Capability Audit (TCA)

The Talent Capability Audit (TCA)

Are you entirely comfortable that the way in which your organisation deploys and engages talent will deliver the sustained business success your strategic business plan sets out?

If there is any room for doubt you need an objective view of how integrated talent management functions in your business and how well it's delivering, and likely to deliver going forwards, those desirable outcomes.

The Talent Capability Audit (TCA) provided by TalentAssured Ltd. takes an holistic view to ensure that the necessary components are in place, joined up, and are working effectively.

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, for your comfort and protection, and look at the following areas:

- Your strategic business plan
- The alignment of the 'people plan' to it
- Workforce planning currently in place
- What success looks like and how well you're doing against this yardstick
- How talent is sought and engaged
- How knowledge and skills are retained within your business

The TCA document produced then summarises how your organisation is performing against where it should be, what needs fixing and what needs adding to ensure your organisation fully meets it's strategic business goals.