Delivering business results
Delivering business results
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How well does your business culture support your business success?
Business culture once, perhaps, understood only by the HR team has become recognised as a significant contributor, or impediment, to business success and is of increasing interest to enlightened C-suites. We define the culture of a business as “The way we do things around here”; in other words, the values we utilise and the behaviours we engage in within the business day. But “the way we do things around here” describes activities for the most part. True, they are activities that are intended to deliver desired business outcomes…. but are they the right activities, at the right sort of level to deliver those business goals? Behaviours and activities can be broadly separated into groups – those that make a significant contribution in achieving our goals and targets and those that don’t. The ones that make a significant contribution tend to be tougher to identify and deliver. Human beings (for the most part) love activity. It’s immediate, self-gratifying and delusional. Goals tend to be longer term, require a degree more of concentration and persistence than is comfortable and are a stark and constant reminder that we ‘haven’t got there yet’. We can sometimes justify ourselves by being ‘busy’ rather than ‘doing the right things’ Is there any way we can quantity the big contributors from the lesser ones? What consequences does this have for the way we hire people and manage their performance and development? Do we have a clear view about ‘what good looks like’? Here are some assists in getting acuity: • Once your business has defined and agreed its goals, people need to engage in activities in order to achieve them • The activities you want them spending most of their effort on are the ones that make the biggest contribution to those goals • Be aware that most of your people will quickly refocus on the activities and overlook the reason they’re carrying them out – it’s human nature. • Ask yourself and your people two questions to keep everybody on track: “What are we in business for?” and then “What do we need to do to deliver that?” and keep on asking on a periodic basis. • Use a tool that helps you define the type and level of activity you need to be a success in business. Apply it to your organisation. Watch the business successes grow. • Now that you’ve got a more scientific benchmark for the type of people who are going to make your business a success, use the tool as a key part of your new hire selection process • The C-suite will appreciate business success which will reward all involved. The tool? Go to www.matchingpeople2jobs.com and then get in touch with Graham Snuggs on graham@talentassured.co.uk or 07525 327005 – we’d love to involve you in a webinar so you can see how quick, easy and cost-effective it is to fine tune your business culture so it delivers sustained business success.
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