Delivering business results
Delivering business results

Welcome to TalentAssured Ltd.

Having spent the past 30 years in the sourcing, attraction, selection, engagement and retention of Talent (although we may not have used this label in quite the same way back then!) I have wide experience of the things that work, as well as understanding those that don't work so well.

I'd like to share the former with you....... and ensure you avoid the latter.

Unusually, perhaps, in this field, I can offer you expertise from both my in-house experience as well as my many years of designing, applying and leading outsourced service offerings.

Whilst there have been, and continue to be, significant advances in various aspects of resourcing, which can add significant value to your resourcing effort, approaching them in a piecemeal manner can give the illusion of progress but fail to deliver the outcome you were seeking.

What we'd like to do for you is to consider Talent in the context of organisational capability; CEO priorities in 2012 are likely to see the development of leadership and the talent pipeline as one of the most pressing business issues*
When you need an experienced eye to carry out an objective review of how your organisation is handling it's Talent programme, and some intervention to get it back on course, TalentAssured Ltd. has the capability to deliver for you.

(* PWC 15th Annual Global CEO Survey 2012. www.pwc.com/ceosurvey )