Delivering business results
Delivering business results

What's the point of Talent?

Every business leader is looking for 'talent' to ensure that his or her organisation succeeds in today's challenging economic environment.

Finding 'talent', keeping it and ensuring it delivers to expectations shouldn't be that difficult ....... as  long as your organisation has the capability to do all these things. Many organisations have capability gaps in some, or even all, of these areas.

The results manifest themselves in a number of ways; a resourcing department that is incredibly busy, constantly needs more input and yet the business never quite gets on top of the resourcing challenge. Or perhaps, having sourced 'talent', you find it walks out of the door before it's made a full contribution to business performance. Perhaps it stays and performs sub-optimally.

If we over-complicate the concept of 'talent' then we risk being very busy but missing the outcomes we were looking to achieve.

Successful organisations recognise that 'talent' ticks 3 fundamental boxes - people who want to work for your organisation (as opposed to just wanting a job), people who are capable of doing what they were hired to do (and have at least one lateral or vertical move within them) and people who stay long enough to make a significant business contribution.

Seeking each of the 3 fundamentals has to be robust and aligned to business success so that we keep that desired outcome at the forefront of our mind at all times. Perhaps you've outsourced aspects of this important business deliverable and are disappointed with the outcome.

It should be easy, shouldn't it?  Then why isn't it and, more importantly, what can we do together to change that?

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